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EXHIBITS OPEN:  10:00 am – 5:00 pm

HALLS, C, Flex & B

Atlantic City Convention Center


10:00 AM                          



12:15 PM                            

Opening Ceremonies


(New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police)

11:00 AM

Demonstration of portable shield enclosures  for Cell Phone protection; RF shielding and audio attenuation

Room #307

Physically & wirelessly manage, store & protect Electronic devices.

Presenter: Tom Longest  (Signal Safeguard - SSG)

11:30 AM                           

DVR Examiner Software

Room # 316                      

Demonstration of Software to allow Law Enforcement and other Forensic Professionals to bypass DVR/CCTV passwords & archaic menu to quickly extract evidence from the DVR hard drive directly.

Presenter: Jimmy Schroering (DME Forensics)


12:30 PM                           

False Alarm & Permit/License Management Solutions

Room # 317                       

Discussion focusing on Enforcing Alarm Ordinances, Reducing False Alarms & streaming Permit & License Processing. 

Presenter: Alan Lee (Public Safety Corporation)

1:00 PM

InstantEye Small Unmanned Aerial Systems  

Room #314                       

Review of their applicability towards providing critical information that can shorten decision cycles and reduce risk to Officers & Civilians alike.

Presenter: Chris Pickett  (InstantEye Robotics)

1:00 PM                                

Paint Marker Training Equipment

Room #315                           

Presenting the available options to make Paint Marker training affordable to small agencies.

Presenter: George Petronis  (The Gun Shop)

1:30 PM                             

Lockdowns & Emergency Notification System; Maximizing Investments in Safety Technology

Room #305                     

Understanding the components of developing a comprehensive plan for improving school safety, technology and communications between students & staff.

Presenter: Paul Jenne (Eastern DataComm)

1:30 PM

RiotFence™– Riot Control Barrier for Law Enforcement

Room #321                      

Demonstration of the portability & quick assembly of a unique riot control barrier which offers observation portals and protection from projectiles.  

Presenter: Danielle DiBruno (Mobile Defense Systems, LLC)

2:00 PM                           

Scheduling Software/Mobile Apps for Public Safety, Law Enforcement & Security Departments

Room #307                      

Demonstration on Software & Mobile Apps for scheduling and managing shift rotations, tracking skills, certification & training for Officers and Staff.  Learn how to reduce scheduling time, shift-swaps and overtime expenses through improved staff communication and resource management.

Presenter: Paul Baumgartner  (Schedule Anywhere)

2:00 PM

Introducing the Panasonic Toughbook33, built for maximum mobility

Room #318

The first fully-rugged 2-in-1 of its kind-redefining rugged flexibility for those who work in demanding conditions.

Presenter: Michael Haas (Panasonic)

2:30 PM                             

Many Police Agencies struggle to fully integrate drones into their daily operations.

Room #306                       

Learn the steps for implementing drones- gaining agency, government & community support, considering grant and funding options, choosing the right drone & legal, operational and resource considerations                                                     Presenter: Sgt. Michael Uleski, Flight School Instructor specializing in Emergency Services government training (DARTdrones)


2:30 PM                             

Interview Room Best Practices

Room #316                  

Recording and managing investigative interviews with the Case Cracker Interview System. More than a decade of Law Enforcement experience.

Presenter: Heidi Wells (Mack Camera & Video Service, Inc.)       





10:00 AM                           

National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement

Room # 310                      


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